Monday, January 3, 2011


well, here we are in 2011. another year for me and you, another year with nothing to do- i think count chocula said that. new years resolutions? try not to succumb to the crushing depression that has been haunting me for the last couple months. actually, "crushing" might be a bit of an overstatement, more like "nudging" depression. i mean, it's winter, it's hard to feel stoked when everything is cold and dark. to quote per "dead" ohlin, the actually dead ex-vocalist from the band mayhem: "when it's cold, and when it's dark, the freezing moon can obsess you..." whatever that means. i'm not gonna go down that road. that's resoultion #1. looking on the bright side, maybe i'll try that out for a while. why not? you can't be sitting on the beach all the time. yet. in the meantime i'll just KEEP ON TRUCKING- i think jerry seinfeld said that... whatever that means.
anyway, le frisson des vampires, another cool (if somewhat sleepy) sapphic vampire flick from french art-sleaze jean rollin. i like the way that sounds "sapphic vampire flick", remind me to work that into my upcoming rap album (resolution #2???). easily the best thing about this movie is the soundtrack, great songs from paula cole, sarah mclachlan and suzanne vega amongst others, a real lilith fare vibe. KIDDING. more like wonky psych rock, not too far from saucer full of secrets-era pink floyd. or maybe piper at the gates of dawn. or maybe "rowdy" roddy piper at the gates of don knotts' estate. THAT'S going on my rap album, too. here's a clip of the opening credits:

dope, no?
nothing depressing about that.
i'm pretty sure that i'll be fine. that's revolution #9...

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Ash said...

Sounds rad! Mos def going to check Le Frisson de Vampires out. Can't wait for resolution #2!