Friday, April 17, 2009


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sean had a joel phelps sighting on main street a couple weeks ago, thank god.
but, seriously? please hunt down any of joel's albums. they may be hard to find, but it'll be worth it. blackbird is my fave.

so we played some shows out there in eastern canada a couple weeks back. pretty fun times. i don't want sound like a loser (i know, too late), but i am really out of tour-shape. after 5 shows i was like "fuck this", my voice was shot, i felt like shit...
if you've never been on tour, it's basically just like being constantly and consistently hungover. i mean, maybe if you were in some macrobiotic vegan staight-edge band it wouldn't be like that, but i guarantee you would still feel like shit most of the time. i honestly don't even drink that much on the road anymore, so i can't even blame the hungover feeling on being actually hungover. maybe i'm just getting old, which is sad as shit. it's like one of those fucking emotional, think-about-your-life depression hangovers where all you want to do is fall asleep in a hot bath and possibly never wake up. just kidding sort of. anyway, bla bla bla touring makes you feel shitty...
but it's also really fun and you get to hang out with fun friends and listen to the wipers and try to ward off fun vampires. like me.

ryan's off on tour right now playing drums with lightning dust, who are opening for bonnie motherfucking prince billy. the teenage me would want to murder ryan in a jealous rage. even though the last will oldham record i bought was joya in 1997, and most of his newer shit is a bit too adult-contemporary for me, he's still the closest thing to a bob dylan figure to come out since bob dylan. and my jealousy begins to simmer within...

anyway, we've been working on a bunch of new stuff lately and we're all getting pretty anxious to do some god damn recording this summer. so with our track record and priority level at the label, you can expect our next album to come out sometime late in 2012, just in time for the apocalypse. in the meantime, look out for the new album "scriptural supplies" by duffy and the doubters coming out in a limited edition of how ever many copies anybody wants (so, probably none) put out by me soon...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


i saw a dog get run over by a car on sunday.
in front of it's owner. let's just say the experience has really stuck with me. really fucked up. AND my dad got food poisoning and fainted and then my mom came in and found him on the floor and thought he was dead. that shit fucks me up, too. thinking about the reality of someone close to you dying...
i know this is super emo.
anyway, fucking TROLL 2!
have you seen this movie? seriously. after you watch it, read up on it. there's a documentary coming out about this shit.

also, i can't recommend this movie more highly:

although this trailer makes it seem like it's an all out action packed horror film, it's actually more of an understated coming of age story. really, it's a beautiful film that just happens to have a vampire in it.
just like my life. this place is crawling with vampires.


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