Monday, March 24, 2008


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i know i haven't updated this guy in a while. i've been busy. and lazy. and crazy.
our record came out a little while back. finally. my friends like it, or at least they say they do.
it's weird being in a band sometimes because, depending on who you are, you are putting something out into the world that people you don't know and may never know are hearing and judging and evaluating. some guy writes a review of it for his student paper or whatever. i find it weird that there is information out there about me (and i realize that this is included in that) because i feel like who cares? i guess somebody might. i'd read a blog of a band i was into maybe. i guess it's just the idea of celebrity that weirds me out, even on a microscopic level like this. somebody in belgium knows who i am.
i'm rambling. don't worry, the "fame" isn't going to my head.
anyway, i guess i'm just trying to say that it's weird to read a review of something you did where the person writing it makes some kind of personal comment about you. i really try to not read reviews, but sometimes it's hard not to. narcissistic urges. it sucks to admit, but i actually get kind of upset if i read something negative. i guess who wouldn't, right? everybody wants to be liked. i mean, i'm the most negative person around, i don't like anything and am quick to judge, but as soon as anybody levels any of that shit my way -the sulking begins. i'm very sensitive.
ya dog.
i am in sudbury, ontario in the basement of the bar we just played in about to sleep in said basement. tour is fun, i'm extremely paranoid and anxious about almost everything, and i feel like i'm losing my voice. this is my single biggest source of insanity, everything else is just gravy. but seriously, tour is really fucking fun. we just got to hang out with a bunch of great friends in toronto and montreal and st.catherines and are about to meet up with black mountain in winnepeg. but first, thunder bay...
i promise to post a full tour diary in a bit for anyone who may care, but as i've said before, i'm lazy.
i love canada.