Monday, February 8, 2010


dope theme song!

SESSION 9 (2001)

i just watched this movie, it's really good, not what i expected. i highly recommend it.
anyway, in other news:
sorry to anyone who was bummed out that we had to cancel our recent show in victoria (due to serious health concerns for our lovely drummer-boy ryan. don't worry, he's fine). the show has been rescheduled for sometime in the middle of march and i promise we will make it a good one, or at least a half-decent one.
also, i'm feeling pretty amped about the new DUFFY & THE DOUBTERS album "scriptural supplies", it's totally done and ready to be pressed onto beautiful black vinyl. yes, it's actually real, i didn't just make it up for attention. it'll be released sometime in the near future by triple crown audio recordings of canada (that's right, the same guys that put out that banging SPORTS record a couple months ago), i know i said i was putting out myself, but i lied. i'd probably just fuck it up anyway. oh ya, did i mention that my good buddy/photographic genius jason nocito is doing the covers AND a beautiful photo book insert? yup, he is. pretty damn cool.
i'm also feeling ultra pumped that i'm getting THE FUCK out of vancouver for the olympics. seriously, fuck the olympics. i'll be sitting on the beach in mexico, sipping margaritas, eating shrimp tacos and popping over the counter prescription drugs while the rest of these losers are going through random street "security checks" and getting $250 public drinking tickets. have fun!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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