Wednesday, September 10, 2008


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hi, it's me again.
yes i know i haven't updated this in a while. i've been outside at the beach trying to enjoy my life and what little summer we get in vancouver, not sitting in front of a fucking computer writing inane bullshit that nobody will read.
anyway, have you heard the news? gnomes are real! ya, and they are taking over a small town in argentina. no shit!
a couple weeks ago, darcy bumped into a dude that used to sing for a pretty sweet vancouver band who was really excited about these "gnomes" and told him all about how "real" they are and stuff... needless to say, i was intrigued. here, check it out for yourself:

pretty crazy stuff! that gnome can shimmy! there's more of that shit out there if you're interested (or just bored like me). don't even get me started about the chupacabra!

so, we played at fuck yeah fest in l.a. on the labor day weekend... pretty fun, got to see some awesome bands... like NEGATIVE FUCKING APPROACH! i mean, come on!

for a bunch of 2000 year old dudes they still blew fucked up off the stage (no offense to those guys). i also saw a band called the monotonix from isreal, who had easily the most straight up insane set i've ever seen in my life. at some points the entire band was crowd surfing at the same time (including the drummer and his drums) while playing. i know it's all a shtick, but amazing none the less.
our own set went down pretty ok, i think we played well, but as usual people weren't really feeling it. no surprise there, i guess. i did however get to try out my new thing of doing 10 minutes of impromtu stand up comedy before our set, which is maybe why the crowd was less than stoked by our actual music. i guess everbody just blew their collective load roaring with laughter at my hilarious banter...oh well, fuck them if they can't take a joke. in fact, fuck anybody who can't take a joke! fuck all y'all!
ok, sorry.
did you hear about the particle accelerator they built in switzerland? pretty crazy. just google it. a guy at my work was so convinced that the whole world was going to be sucked into a black hole when they fired that thing up this morning that he went out and got totally shit faced last night and wasn't going to come in to work today(i mean, he wouldn't have to if there was no more world to work in, right?). anyway, he finally made it in at around 11, hungover as fuck...
and still the world turns.