Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009


ryan's new mix, hot off the presses! just copy and paste the link, drink some green dragon (you know about that shit, right?) and enjoy:

Monday, July 20, 2009


maybe it's because i worship sade as a god(ess) and i know nick krgovich does as well (he recorded an amazing lo-fi version of her 2000 album lovers rock in its entirety), but i can safely say that no kids is hands down my favorite vancouver band. they are about as un-rocking as you can possibly get. nick krgovich's songwriting makes me feel like i'm some furry troglodyte, bashing at my guitar with giant inarticulate fists and howling inane nonsense about girls and how nobody understands me. not saying that that's true, it's just his songs are so fucking good. beautiful songs of fabulous loneliness. and how adorable is julia chirka? forget about it. anyway, no kids is amazing.
this last weekend i had the privilege of accompanying nick and the gang down to beautiful anacortes, washington where we did a reprise of his prison musical "in the yard, having fun" starring ryan and i as well as members of oakland, california's cryptacize (who are excellent) for phil elverum's annual what the heck festival.
the festival itself was pretty cool, lot's of k records bands, as well as some real doozies like fucking EARTH(!) and the pacific northwest's finest ambient eco-black metal band wolves in the throne room. but perhaps the best thing i saw all weekend was phil elverum's mount eerie perform his new album "wind's poem" with a full band (2 goddamn drummers!). i was pretty blown away. the album is amazing, there's a real black metal influence without the music being overtly metal. the packaging is amazing, the whole thing is just classy as fuck. several of the songs were written with the above mentioned nick krgovich (damn him! if i didn't love him so much i'd slit his fucking throat. just kidding.)

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run out and buy the vinyl. do it NOW!

anyway, good times were had.
oh ya, i also got to see our old buddy calvin johnson perform his hit "sitting alone at the movies" among others...

god bless him!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


what the fuck's wrong with drugs? kids are such fucking babies...

and what's not to love about a band where the singer dresses like mcgruff the crime dog and the other guys wear executioner hoods?
not a damn thing.
what about if that band plays totally hateful noise punk?
all good there, too.
anyway, that being said, their show last night at the cobalt was perhaps a little bit less than amazing, but i don't really blame them. they were playing on obviously borrowed gear (it looked like somebody borrowed their 8 year old cousin's practice amp for the bass, which totally pooped out after one and a half songs), the guitar was completely inaudible (does the cobalt have any working microphones?) and you couldn't even really hear the fucking drums. in fact, all you could hear was insanely loud distorted delayed vocals and feedback, which was actually pretty fucking awesome. by the end of their set (which was maybe 4 or 5 songs total), the bass player was leaning against the wall in the shadows while the singer partied on the floor, strangling some kid with the mic chord who was riding around on his back. of the 30 or so people there, it seemed like half of them were taking photos with gigantic cameras. kind of obnoxious. however, their big finale was a totally death-dirge cover of teenage kicks by the undertones, so i left a satisfied man-child.
plus, i love the name francis, even though i don't think that's his real name...

if the whole singing in a band thing doesn't work out, there's always pro skating!
sorry your vancouver show was such a pooper, dudes.

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the album is great, amazing cover.

still, it ain't as dope as this shit...

why stand up when you can sit down?

Friday, July 10, 2009


"baby i'm hungry, i say baby you hungry..."

i know i've posted this little beauty before, but this is the FULL LENGTH version of the legendary mr. sprigg's bbq commercial. they must have been like "how are we gonna get people to come and eat at our restaurant?" and then been like "um, how about having the tightest fucking jam ever for our jingle?"
it's better than r. kelly. way less creepy. am i trippin'?
real talk? dudes, it's not SUPPOSED to be funny.
this is just another reason to visit beautiful oklahoma city. according to wikipedia, the name oklahoma is derived from the Choctaw words okla and humma, meaning "red people". of course, that could be bullshit because it's fucking wikipedia. i could have written that.