Tuesday, July 14, 2009


what the fuck's wrong with drugs? kids are such fucking babies...

and what's not to love about a band where the singer dresses like mcgruff the crime dog and the other guys wear executioner hoods?
not a damn thing.
what about if that band plays totally hateful noise punk?
all good there, too.
anyway, that being said, their show last night at the cobalt was perhaps a little bit less than amazing, but i don't really blame them. they were playing on obviously borrowed gear (it looked like somebody borrowed their 8 year old cousin's practice amp for the bass, which totally pooped out after one and a half songs), the guitar was completely inaudible (does the cobalt have any working microphones?) and you couldn't even really hear the fucking drums. in fact, all you could hear was insanely loud distorted delayed vocals and feedback, which was actually pretty fucking awesome. by the end of their set (which was maybe 4 or 5 songs total), the bass player was leaning against the wall in the shadows while the singer partied on the floor, strangling some kid with the mic chord who was riding around on his back. of the 30 or so people there, it seemed like half of them were taking photos with gigantic cameras. kind of obnoxious. however, their big finale was a totally death-dirge cover of teenage kicks by the undertones, so i left a satisfied man-child.
plus, i love the name francis, even though i don't think that's his real name...

if the whole singing in a band thing doesn't work out, there's always pro skating!
sorry your vancouver show was such a pooper, dudes.

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the album is great, amazing cover.

still, it ain't as dope as this shit...

why stand up when you can sit down?

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