Tuesday, April 7, 2009


i saw a dog get run over by a car on sunday.
in front of it's owner. let's just say the experience has really stuck with me. really fucked up. AND my dad got food poisoning and fainted and then my mom came in and found him on the floor and thought he was dead. that shit fucks me up, too. thinking about the reality of someone close to you dying...
i know this is super emo.
anyway, fucking TROLL 2!
have you seen this movie? seriously. after you watch it, read up on it. there's a documentary coming out about this shit.

also, i can't recommend this movie more highly:

although this trailer makes it seem like it's an all out action packed horror film, it's actually more of an understated coming of age story. really, it's a beautiful film that just happens to have a vampire in it.
just like my life. this place is crawling with vampires.


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brandon said...

dude, you need to watch these:


A. said...

Duffy, I'm so sorry you had to see a doggy get run over. I can't imagine how traumatic that would be. I think I be bed-ridden with depression for a week.

Stacey Steel said...

You know what's a bad thing..Back in 1982 I was about 6 1/2 years old and my next door neighbour had just bought a cute ginger kitty for his daughter, about 2 weeks before...
I saw the cat one afternoon across the street so I called it over, as he was getting used to my company and I am a big time cat lover...
He came running toward me, his little tail up in a crooked question mark, trotting across the street happy to be getting a little luvvin...only to be run over when he almost made it to my side of the street..I had no idea a car was barreling along the road. Right in front of me. The little cat managed to continue to hobble toward my feet, collapsing along the meridian and the curb on my side of the road. My mother ran out of the house and pointed her finger at me and said 'Stacey, YOU killed the cat! You stupid child! you killed it!'

Can you tell I still have mother issues...bitch.

So anyways I can relate to seeing an animal killed right in front of you. It changes you and yep..can fuck you up for life. I am sorry you had to see that poor pup die in front of you and his owner.
As for the vampires..I consider them romantically doomed. Just like me.