Monday, January 10, 2011


ok, so the vengeful spirit of a 400 year old first nations medicine man chooses to be reborn via a boil on a woman's neck. her ex-boyfriend, a fake psychic, enlists the help of a modern day first nations medicine man in a long grey wig to help battle the spirit. a bunch of stuff happens, modern medicine and technology prove useless, the woman gives birth out her back to a 4 foot tall dude that looks like the leprechaun from that other movie, there's an epic battle that partially occurs in outer space with lazers and so on and so forth you get the idea. sounds better than it actually is. kind of tedious, actually.
not as good as the second stampeders album.

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Define by Leisure said...

Wanted to drop you a comment and tell you that I love your blog. Not only do you post lots of stuff but I can always count on it being obscure and awesome. Sometimes I will even steal something for my tumbler blog "Define By Leisure" (see link). Thanks for the great content and sense of humor!

Josh, a fan from Burbank CA (its cold here too.... like 51)