Thursday, October 8, 2009


in case you didn't already know, october is horror movie month (well, i don't know if it's OFFICIALLY horror movie month, but whatever) and seeing as horror is my shit, i thought i'd feature some of my favorites of the genre. if you live in vancouver, be sure to swing by HAPPY BATS CINEMA at 2830 main st. where you will be able to find any of these films as well as shitloads of others if you're too wimpy to watch oversexed teenagers being disemboweled by vengeful demons.


Vin Diesel said...

monster-based horror films are seldom very frightening (what's scary about a guy walking around in a foam rubber suit?), but pumpkinhead succeeds by being both stylish and atmospheric. a good story and pretty decent special effects.

R said...

I really wish I had someone else this into horror movies around to watch them all month with me. I can't seem to get anybody on board. October is my favorite month of the year!

Anonymous said...

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