Tuesday, October 6, 2009


i had a weird dream this morning that i was watching the smiths playing a reunion show in my highschool drama room. it was weird because everybody was kneeling in their seats facing the back of the room and morrissey was walking around singing with a broom or a mop. he was kind of fat and sloppy looking, at times he almost resembled fred flinstone. i guess i was stoked to be seeing the smiths, but the vibe was a bummer. i don't remember what songs they played. what does a dream like that mean?
i sometimes have dreams about sonic youth as well. oddly, lee ranaldo has had random cameos in several unrelated dreams, just kinda passing through like "hey, that's lee ranaldo." and then i go back to sorting squid or masturbating with hook hands or whatever the fuck it is i dream about.

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