Thursday, October 15, 2009


everybody in my life is fucking sick. germs and viruses are dripping off every surface. my paranoia levels are through the fucking roof. no matter how often i wash my hands or how many magical immune boosting potions i ingest, i still feel phantom tickles in my throat which are sure signs of impending illness. i guess it's just that time of year, but fuck! i pick up the phone and i can practically hear the germs crawling out into my ear. somebody coughs or sneezes on t.v. and i instantly hold my breath. am i crazy? maybe, but i refuse to accept the possibility of getting sick in my future. i'm one step away from wearing a face mask and gloves everywhere i go. oh god, i just touched my face! i know there's some bleach around here somewhere...


Gabe said...

Here's my band:

Covering this old Mac tune:

Langley said...

I have been listening to The Green Manalishi, the 15 minute one from show-biz blues, for the past week straight now. Such a daze! Peter Green blows my bind.

Drink lots of Buckleys!