Monday, September 28, 2009


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so, thanks to the rickshaw theatre's concrete box echo-chamber ambience, last saturday afternoon's distort fest accidently invented the new genre of "shoegaze-crust". only it wasn't nearly as interesting as that may sound. local heros fear of tomorrow were really the only band that did it for me. i was too drunk by the time return headliners hellshock took the stage to properly appreciate them. but i've seen them before, so no biggie. reasonably crusty.

it was a beautiful day spent drinking in a parking lot in chinatown with periodic and increasingly wobbly trips into the concrete crust box. fun times, indeed.
i was completely passed out by 11pm, that's what drinking in the middle of the day can do to you.

by the time i ventured out on sunday night to see san francisco's wooden shjips at the anza club, i felt like a blob of meat with ears. maybe i'd already blown my load for the evening by watching a rerun of america's funniest home videos, but wooden shjips were booooooring. maybe it's just that unnecessary J in there, i don't know. i never thought i'd diss a band for being too jammy, but here goes: too jammy. i guess the extra J stands for jammy. i even tried to enhance the experience by pseudo-spontaneously (and stupidly) eating some mushrooms in the bathroom beforehand, which had the undesired effect of making ordinary social interactions completely terrifying. the icing on the cake for me was walking into the bathroom where this sweaty long-haired kid kind of got in my face and said "hey man, me and my friends are just trying to party alright?" to which i replied "ok. i'm just trying to piss.". he disappeared into a stall with about 4 other pairs of ankle boots and a symphony of cartoonish sniffling and snorting ensued. i peaced immediately after. completely psyched out.
i took the long way home on my bike and then stared at a painting in the hallway of my building for about 40 minutes.

say wha...?

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