Wednesday, September 30, 2009


yesterday i discovered a travel size bottle of mouthwash in my bathroom that expired in 1998! why the fuck do i have that? if that shit EXPIRED in 1998, who knows how long i had it around before that. i don't even know how many times i've moved since 98, but that little vintage mouthwash bottle has been right there with me the whole time, god bless it! needless to say, i drank it. just kidding. apparently drinking hand sanitizer is less harmful than drinking mouthwash. not sure what the buzz is like.

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of bob's 3 "christian period" albums, most people can agree that slow train coming is the best. a lot of bob fans even rank it as among their favorites of his whole discography. shot of love is also considered by many to be decent or at least half-decent (i'd go as far as half-awesome). but what about saved? where slow train coming exhibits some of the spite and anger that had been missing from bob's music since blood on the tracks and shot of love at least rocks in a "lean and mean" sort of way, saved just kinda sits in the middle there, ignored. more than any other dylan album (even self portrait), saved seems to be the album that most fans want to pretend doesn't exist. or at least write off completely as a throw-away testament to bob's early 80s identity crisis. the thing is, saved IS a good album. taken for what it is (which is straight up gospel music), saved is a beautiful and often surprisingly understated album featuring some of bob's most gorgeous ballads (covenant woman, what can i do for you?) and heart-felt delivery (pressing on). anyway, worth checking out.

of course it helps if you're stoned.
praise JAH!


Gabe said...

See, this is the kind of record review that's worth something to me. Nice.

Vin Diesel said...

i heard the new ladyhawk album sounds like jars of clay.