Monday, September 21, 2009


i must admit that i'd never really checked flipper out until fairly recently. i remember hearing a lot about them as a kid, but i'm sure that if i'd heard them back then i would have dismissed them as stupid and shitty. well, the older you get, the stupider and shittier you get, so... yay for flipper!
i saw pink mountaintops play "sex bomb" outside at the victory square block party a few years ago with my current upstairs neighbor alex on vocals, at that point my opinion of flipper was merely "dumb and crappy".
my opinion is now "dumb and crappy, but good".
speaking of pink mountaintops, you should buy the new album outside love, because it's good. but you already knew that, because you already have it.

heavy vancouver babe scene!


Vin Diesel said...

"ever look at a flower and hate it?"

Bunnies in Berlin said...

Outside Love is amazing! So is Flipper...