Tuesday, September 22, 2009


if i had a "stoner rock" band i'd call it YAWN.
that's exactly what i did when i saw OM on friday. i mean, i love sleep (the band and the activity), but i just can't really get behind anything those dudes are doing these days. om is seriously boring (and high on fire is for skids. like my girl skeeter who thinks matt pike is "hot"). where sleep put out jerusalem/dopesmoker that's just one amazing super long super slow song, om just has a bunch of super long super slow songs that all sound exactly the same. if i want to hear some dudes getting spiritual about weed and the bass i'll listen to some fucking reggae.
anyway, the show sucked, not my thing, bla bla bla...
the night was saved when i went upstairs for some karaoke and somehow wound up in narnia. instead of the usual karaoke lounge, there were a bunch of signs with arrows pointing the way to this huge room with mirrored pillars and a crowd of people dancing in a circle around somebody singing. at one point there was a dude full on break dancing! my mind was blown. i never knew that room existed and i suspect that if i ever went looking for it again i would only find a blank wall and possibly a cackling old gypsy woman.

but none of that matters, because on saturday i saw the motherfucking PET SHOP BOYS. all i can say is that it was amazing and that i was tripping balls. i've never been around that many gay men in my entire life and i loved every second of it. the bathroom was wild. probably 97% of the music was pre-recorded and i'm pretty sure neil tennant had autotune on his voice the whole time, but no big whoop. my only beef was that they didn't play domino dancing or love comes quickly...

easily in my top 10 favorite songs of all time.

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in other news: local heart-throbs scoundrels have just released their self-titled debut album. formed from the ashes of former shindig winners (and shindig curse victims) romance, scoundrels play pure pop for lovestruck cavemen. check them out on myspace, be their friend, get them to send you their album, get them to play a fucking show...


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weird seance said...

i had such HIGH hopes. OM = total yawn-a-thong. acting stupid outside was way more funner.