Saturday, October 6, 2007


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So, we played our first show in vancouver in a while last wednesday...
It was at a great venue called the sweatshop which features an indoor skatepark as well as a stage, so if you feel overcome by the music and feel like you need to express yourself physically, you can hop on your board and rip extreme shit on the quarter-pipe.
Being a weeknight, i was feeling a bit sluggish, so ryan and i agreed to share an energy drink to try to pep things up. This is not something i usually do. I tried to counter the jarring effects of the caffeine by smoking some of the "devil's lettuce", which, if anything, heightened the sensations of doom and anxiety i was already beginning to feel. My hands began to sweat. In any case, by the time we played I was feeling, let's just say "funky" (if your definition of funky is a state of extreme paranoia and panic coupled with heart palpitations and nausea). Good times.
I think we played really fast and it seemed stupid loud, but other than that it i guess it was alright, in a car crash kind of way...

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The voice of Karen Carpenter haunts my mind.

We played with a local band called CARPENTER who rocked out hard and the singer had a great raspy voice. They kind of reminded me of some old Samiam or Sunny Day Real Estate which i think is a good thing. Nothing wrong with that. They started their set by saying something about supporting farmers and spreading the gospel of MELLENCAMP. They had a copy of american fool by their merch, a hoosier-core classic.

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The main event of the evening was ATTACK IN BLACK. I saw them for the first time last weekend opening for Built To Spill in Edmonton. They are a great band and I'm not gonna lie to you, they're not hard on the eyes either (if you know what I mean). They may just be tied with The Constantines for dreamiest band in Canada. If you haven't checked them out yet, you should. These dudes are young and they're killing it, and not unlike The Constantines, they play a kind of honest, driving indie rock that you know had it's roots as much in punk and hardcore as it did in Bruce Springsteen.
We are going to be playing a bunch of shows with these total dream-pies in mid november, smearing ourselves all over southern Ontario and "la belle provence", so look out!


scott said...

with a barn to burn in montreal

amanda c. spankie said...

Ooh, yay! You figured out how to post pictures, Duffy! Keep writing.. everyday. I need something to read! xoxo.