Wednesday, October 24, 2007


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proposed album cover art.

so, is there a new ladyhawk album coming out ever?
well my friend, i believe there is...
here's the story:
way back in february we set out to record our new record. we wanted to do it with colin stewart, who we worked with for our first album and then our little e.p., but his studio (the hive, the best place to make a record in vancouver) was booked up for the brief window of time we had to do it in. we didn't want to record in our practice space (which we did for our first album), so we looked around the city for alternate spaces. nothing really promising turned up, so we had the idea to try and do it in our old hometown of kelowna, about 4 hours east of vancouver. some friends of ours were operating an art space/venue in an abandoned farm house there and offered it to us for the last 2 weeks of february. boo ya. we packed up the old van and headed out.
those 2 weeks were spent drinking ghetto sangria (see post) and basically getting fucked out of our minds all day and all night. oh, and recording.
we then hurried back to the city to mix the bastard and flipped our van in the snow. the old white whale was totalled, but thankfully we were not and neither was our gear. darcy, ryan and i rode the greyhound back to vancouver while sean stayed behind in kelowna to work out the insurance details and try to find a new van.
did i mention that this is 3 days before we are supposed to leave for a 6 week tour?! anyway, we made it back in time to mix the album in a day and a half. somewhat miraculously, sean found a new van and we busted out for tour, missing only our first show in seattle which ain't bad.
in the meantime, we released the afformentioned little e.p. which probably nobody heard about and have just sort of chilled while we wait for the album to be put out hopefully sometime in the middle of next march. why so long? that's just when the beautiful folks at jagjaguwar were able to do it. and they do a good job, so we just have to be patient.
but, it IS coming out one of these days.
everybody's had to wait forever for mike jones' the american dream to come out, but it looks like that wait is finally over WHAT WHAT!

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