Tuesday, October 23, 2007


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so i sat down earlier today with my shitty ass cold, put on the grateful dead europe 72 and tried to write a post about the status of our new record. instead, i wrote a long and super depressing rant about paula cole.
for some reason, i got the melody from her song "where have all the cowboys gone?" stuck in my head, maybe it was playing in a store or something, and i felt compelled to do some research on her career. according to the all music guide, in 1998 she won the grammy for best new artist even though her album was actually recorded in 1994 and she was therefore technically ineligable. weird. i'm not really a fan.
anyway, from there i went further into a "is it better to burn out than to fade away?" kind of thing- is the surving idea of you more important than survival itself?- and at the end of several paragraphs felt so depressed about life in general that i had to delete the whole thing and go outside.
when i got back i went to her website and read a "paula update" that i found oddly touching.
anyway, what the fuck?
i've had a weird day.

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What Love. said...

Jesus. And I thought I was researching weird shit.