Tuesday, October 16, 2007


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that shit is so goood.

if you want to get drunk, are tired of all the usual boring old booze and don't mind the prospect of a mild to serious hangover, why not try ghetto sangria? it's delicious, (somewhat deceptively) refreshing, cheap and easy to make, AND it gets you completely shittered! we recorded the entirety of our upcoming album under the influence of this sweet devil nectar and let me tell you: it sucks! just kidding, right?
here's what you do:
1 bottle of cheap red wine (cheapness is key, don't try to get fancy)
1 liter/quart of fruit juice of your choice, orange blends are usually best
1 can of 7 up-style soda or ginger ale.
if you want to get fancy, you can serve it over ice or garnish it with fruit or some shit, but you know you'll just drink it straight out of the bucket as the lord intended.