Friday, June 5, 2009


remember this?
i was living in the middle of nowhere in sweden when this happened. i remember every night for about a week you could go out in the cold and look up and see the tail of the hale-bopp comet stretching halfway across the sky. it was beautiful, something you probably only see once in your life. i remember seeing footage on the news of all these people covered in purple shrouds lying on tables with black nikes sticking out the bottom. sad. i've been thinking about this a lot lately, cults in general.

i was sitting on the beach the other day working on my tan, when i saw an airplane pulling a banner behind it that said "never forget the sikh massacre". it's not unusual to see planes pulling banners in the sky above crowded beaches, but it's usually an advertisement for subway or something like that (why subway feels they need to advertise in this manner is beyond me). i agree that the sikh massacre is not something that should be forgotten (i went home and looked it up, which is the point of the whole thing i guess), but i found the choice of method and location odd. a bit heavy for a beach day.

the weather has been fucking amazing here for the last week, i've been beaching it as much as humanly possible. you've got to make hay while the sun shines, as they say.

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i went to see ian svenonius' new band chain and the gang last weekend. calvin johnson was working the merch table when i bought the record, he was like "TEN DOLLARS IS YOUR CHANGE!" in a deep, booming voice... my old beat happening tape come to life.
the band is awesome, if you get the chance to see them i highly recommend it. i was surprised to see my old pal fred thomas of saturday looks good to me fame playing bass. when i told him i was feeling brain-fried from being at the beach all day, he looked at me and said "this is our 50th show of the tour, i'm feeling a little brain-fried myself" poor devil! but anyway, 50 shows and they had that shit down hard! ian svenonius had his whole james brown thing wired, tons of call and response audience participation, high kicking and of course his patented high pitch soul-squeal. he may be one of the greatest front men of all time. it wasn't like seeing nation of ulysses or anything, but still...

what about the first make-up album destination: love live at cold rice?
still totally rules it for me...

he's kind of a crappy interviewer, though.
it feels like i only go to shows of new bands of dudes who used to be in old bands these days.

lately i've been obsessed with christopher walken. i've been watching a lot of his movies, some good, some not good. what's his deal? i think i might love him.
two films:

communion (1989)
this movie is based on whitley strieber's book about being abducted by aliens. whether you believe in it or not, it's a good read. i'll admit that i've read most of his books and i truly believe aliens are among us. i think.
there's some real clapton shit on the soundtrack. actual clapton.
this movie rules, by the way.

the dead zone (1983)
this is tied with scanners as my favorite david cronenberg movie. it's based on stephen king's book. i'll also admit that i've read most of stephen king's books. this movie is so fucking good. it's pretty emo, more so than the book.

so anyway, good shit, check it out...

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in other exciting news, ryan is getting set to drop his next h-bomb off on you...
more like H-TIME bomb!
the first volume of TIME COOKIE, his chopped and screwed mix tape series, is due to hit the streets any second now. be on the look out. beyond mellow = time cookie.
oh, and it's called saigon. vietnam influenced.
on a side note, how fucking good is vietnamese food? and cheap! there's that little french influence in there... amazing. i eat that shit like 4 times a week.

dj screw r.i.p.

never forget.

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