Friday, June 19, 2009


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if you live in the kelowna area, we will be playing a show there at the okanagan mission hall (a.k.a. the grey barn, although somebody told me they painted it a different color recently. what are we supposed to call it now?) on saturday, june 27. all ages, so bring your newborn infant and your grandparents. it's gonna be banging.

we are also playing some other shows next week in places like deadmonchuk, sasquatchatoon and cowtown so come on out. we're bringing our pals adelaide along for the ride. they rule it.
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hey, remember when the old kelowna mayor walter gray refused to use the word pride when doing the official city declaration of gay and lesbian day? "If they want to be proud that is their business," Gray said. "My job is not to endorse or embrace their lifestyle." that was his actual statement. seriously. this happened. he was sued over it and the british columbia human rights tribunal ruled his actions discriminatory.
it seems like only yesterday i was a sensitive, emotional teenager walking down those lovely fragrant avenues to the mellow sounds of people yelling "FAG!" at me from passing cars...
ahh, home sweet home.

but i still love it, the lake is nice...

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