Monday, June 15, 2009


june 7th was officially named julie doiron day in bruno, saskatchewan. let's make that shit national.

a national treasure.

a national acrobat.

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a natural aphrodisiac.


Brendan said...

national holiday + natural aphrodisiac indeed! you're a heart breaking genius, duffy, and i am a fan of this stream of consciousness bizniss (if it is strictly duffy).

doiron fever is in the air - i was just watching these videos yesterday by coincidence. which all seems to be a tad creepy, given that i see julie around my neighbourhood all the time. oy vey.

love, long gone brendan in montreal

PolioandHempBakeaCake said...
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wade little said...

i like her new record. it actually sounds like you boys played on it. i like it.