Friday, February 27, 2009


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what the fuck is that?

when i was a kid i was obsessed with louisville, kentucky. i would listen to slint and palace brothers tapes on my walkman and daydream about this backwoodsy swamp town that my mind insisted louisville must be. well, when i finally went there on our first tour with black mountain, i learned that it's an actual regular city with big buildings and burger kings and everything. it was still kinda magical to me, being that it was as close as i'd been to the fabled "old south" at the time. i used to basically like any band from louisville (they pronounce it "loo-vul" down there), so i picked up the first (and only, i think) evergreen 7", "pants off" b/w "the queen song" and loved it. britt walford, the drummer from slint was in the band and i used to check out anything even vaguely related to slint. remember that band king kong? what was up with that shit? anyway, they released one self-titled full length album of simmering garage punk not long after. the song "whip cream bottle" is maybe the best song ever written for huffing whip-its to (ladyhawk is currently attempting to top that by writing the ultimate huffing ALBUM). this record was pretty hard to find up until it was re-issued by the temporary residence label a couple years ago. the re-issue includes the afformentioned 7" as well. you should obviously check it out, dog.

"back in my university days, i was that bear."

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