Monday, February 23, 2009


is that a baby fucking ewok?

so anyway, some dude commented on that video from a few days ago "this is no joke, man, they breed cats to look like that..." seriously? there aren't wild packs of munchkin cats prowling the jungles of central america? and while i'm no supporter of inhumane breeding practices, that shit is just too fucking CUTE! COME ON! actually, my mom has a munchkin cat named ronnie that she got from the s.p.c.a. (she also does not support feline inbreeding), and although she is cuter than a god damn button, it's true that ronnie is perhaps not all there (i hesitate to use a term as un-p.c. as retarded even when referring to a cat, but "developmentally challenged" doesn't really work). but i'll tell you, that little fucker can boogie! and don't we just love her to bits regardless of her disabilities.
so fair enough, guy, no more "jokes" about inbred cats.

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gan ting mao said...

Seriously man, this is why we had world war 2. Hitler wanted blond hair blue eyed ewok people and we took the higher ground and said no.