Tuesday, February 17, 2009


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he's wearing a snakes on a plane t-shirt.

the other day i was at work listening to joel phelps' awesome 2004 album customs
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when i realized that i haven't seen him around lately. in case you don't know, i've basically been stalking joel. that's not true, but i might as well have been. anyway, i haven't seen him ONCE since before christmas. i normally used to see him several times a week within a 5 block radius of my house. maybe it's crazy, but a small part of me wonders if by some freakish chance he happened to read my prior entry about him and he just freaked out and said "fuck that creep!" and moved. god, if that's true i'm a fucking loser. anyway, you should listen to his music if you don't already. it's pretty emotional, but not too emo. he has a really cool voice and his guitar tone is always perfect (if you want to get nerdy about it). good songs that rock or don't, good lyrics that say something or don't, you know what i mean...

also, you should really check out jon-rae fletcher's brand new album called "oh, maria". here's a picture i found of j.r. riding an old-timey bicycle in a ladyhawk shirt.
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darcy plays guitar on the album. apparently, they recorded the whole she-bang in only 3 hours! well, it doesn't sound like it. good job, guys!

shit is wild!


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hang out with me.

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