Sunday, November 16, 2008


this is not our band.

why are people so fucking stupid?
ok, so you know how there's another ladyhawk? well there is and actually she is a lot more popular than we will ever be, so it should actually be her asking "so you know there's another ladyhawk?" and you responding "no."
she spells her name with an e at the end just like the movie that we are not named after.
she's cool, it's dance music, mostly for girls. we've been corresponding through myspace for years, like "hey ladyhawke, what's up?" and she's like "hey ladyhawk, not much. you?". it's friendly. neither of us care about the fact that we have similar names, we are obviously no threat to her popularity and nobody is going to go to one of her shows expecting to see us.
however, it seems to be a bit more of a problem on our end. it only started to come up when we were in europe and mainly the u.k., where every bit of press we did was more about her and how we had the same name (it's not the fucking same, it's similar. i know it's nit-picky, but if your name was becky and i spelled it beckee, you'd be like "that's not me", right?). anyway, people would turn up at the shows and seem pretty confused or bummed out when they saw us get on stage, which is actually a pretty common response at most of our shows, so we never really thought anything of it.
well, the other night we played in london (that's london, ONTARIO, mind you. swinging london...) and some pretty awesome shit went down. these two drunk frat boy type dudes were standing at the very front of the stage as we were setting up, kinda talking to darcy and saying things like "man, we are so excited to see her" and "we listened to (her song) back of the van all the way here" and "where is she?" and "when is she coming out?" and so on. by this point i was laughing, because i honestly thought these fucking clowns were JOKING. so we did our classic "she's just in the bathroom" line and started playing. well, halfway through the first song, the dudes yell "FUCK YOU!" and "YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING ASSHOLES!" whilst fingering darcy (not that way) before storming away. BUT WAIT! it get's better! the first thing these guys did when they got to the show was go directly to the merch table and buy fucking records and t-shirts WITH OUR FUCKING FACES ON THEM!
yup, that's right.
anyway, these guys march directly back to the table and the one guy frisbees his record at the esteemed fred squire (who was working merch for us) and leave the bar, cursing and spitting. they dropped like 50 bucks on merch for the wrong fucking band! i can't feel bad about that shit, it's just too fucking priceless.
as i always say, fuck 'em if they can't take a joke! the joke in this case being my life and my art.
p.s. sorry if this story is a bit rambling and disjointed, i am so fucking nyquil-ed out i can barely see and my hands feel like rubber spatulas.
p.p.s. i love you toronto.


Kelly said...

This story is pure genius. It's good that you guys have a sense of humour about it!

And Toronto loves you too.

deleted said...

Stupid Frat boys.
It makes me warm and fuzzy inside to know they bought your merch.
Love the blogging, keep it up.

Jazz said...

On the event was listed as Ladyhawke at Call The Office and I laughed, and then changed it.

Unknown said...

I will totally go to your next show in Toronto just because of this blog post.

Post Paint Boy said...

That sucks, I didn't notice that. There were some real douches in the crowd, but I really thought that both your and Attack in Black's sets were awesome.

Please keep playing London (ON) -- we love you here. A few of my friends saw you guys for the first time that night and really enjoyed the set.

Unknown said...

dude my guts are still rotting from that mexican food we ate in Minneapolis.oh yea DO u LIKE apples?

Depresso said...

So Ladyhawke's mostly for girls? I assume you then mean that your music's mostly for boys? Way to alienate 50% of your potential audience.

And I suppose the stupid ass frat boys weren't actually boys too, seeing as they were there to see someone who does music for girls.

Fucking hell, it's hard to be a woman who likes rock...

Bunnies in Berlin said...

Ba boom!