Sunday, November 2, 2008


maybe i'm just stoned, but... what the fuck? there are tons of taco time commercials on youtube, all with the same woman. weird stuff. check it out! it made me curious about other commercials out there, maybe some real canadian classics like:

not really a commercial, i guess, but amazing none the less. and that's really my actual mom and dad!
anyway, one of the best things about touring across canada is driving for 8-12 hours every day and getting to sample the wonderful and wide variety of roadside fast food franchises, such as the above mentioned taco time. another great thing is experiencing that 8-12 hour drive with an excruciating case of diarhea. brutal. sorry if that's too much info. fuck taco time.
i am currently sitting in a motel room in thunder bay on our "atumnal tour 2008" (sic) with attack in black and shotgun jimmie, along with bonus hangers-on will kidman and the esteemed fred squire.
if you want to check out a tour video blog that jimmie has been doing go to:

it's some pretty funny stuff. shotgun jimmie is a hero in canada.
speaking of canada, just gorgeous this time of year!

pee-wee gets real! problem is: that shit is just so fucking gooood...
love ya!


Margo Lane said...

Hi Duffy. Fred Squire is a total babe if it's the Fred I'm thinking of. Agreed?

brandon said...

hey, i'm not sure if it was because of my request, but it was awesome to hear 48 hours tonight.
i picked up the self titled on vinyl... very solid stuff.
hopefully you guys come back to ottawa soon!

liz said...

is that REALLY your mom and dad?

brandon said...

hey duffy, you suck at replying to comments.