Wednesday, December 15, 2010


yes, the above trailer features a bit of nudity (oddly enough for a film called "nude for satan"), sorry if that's a bummer for you...
anyway, usually with this kind of italian sleaze/horror film the original title is translated into english designed to appeal to the kind of people in america who would go see a film like this (mainly sleazebags, i assume). the italian title would normally be something like "dreams of the devil's night" or something marginally poetic like that, but not this one... nope, this one is just NUDA PER SATANA. you pretty much know what you're in for from the get go. however, the overall shittiness of this film is balanced with a genuinely dreamlike gothic atmosphere and a reasonably interesting soundtrack. the plot is mostly nonsensical and slow-moving, but it hardly matters, there's enough psychedelic imagery and laughably terrible effects (the fucking spider?? what is that, a football with some pipe cleaners glued to it?), not to mention NUDITY, to keep things interesting. anyway, enjoyable, but strictly for fans of the genre (aka: sleazebags, aka: me).

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