Monday, September 27, 2010


props again to kamandi for showing me this scary-ass and surprisingly fresh jam. i've been singing this shit to myself for the last 4 hours. and now i kinda want pizza. just proves that EVERYTHING sounds better slowed down. i stumbled upon some slowed down aphex twin shit the other day and it kinda blew my mind.
look, i know that only 5 people ever check this page out and i'm sure all 5 of you have already done so, but you should seriously download all of ryan's TIME COOKIE mixes. what have you got to lose? only YOUR SHIT!

vol.1 "saigon"

vol.2 "summertime cookie"

vol.3 "lost in space"

vol.4 "time 4 chocolate cookies"

vol.5 "fly around the sun"

slow it down, people!


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