Wednesday, September 29, 2010


i used to hate paul, or at least i thought i did. songs like "obla-di obla-da" and all that other cutesy-pukesy bullshit weren't helping, but then i just kinda let go and embraced it. and you know what? it feels good! now i LOVE paul. come to think of it, i used to hate a lot of things that i now love (oysters, the eagles, myself...), it's kind of liberating. what's next, crocs? ultimate fighting? CELTIC ROCK???
i'm still not really feeling "band on the run", though...

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Anonymous said...

i still have my copy of say say say from when i was a kid, but without the awesome picture sleeve. recently found one though. the drawn picture of paul and michael holding hands in skip mode is incredibly cheeseball, and perfect.