Wednesday, June 9, 2010


i was just thinking about the time when yo la tengo played in kelowna at a night club called side effects (or was it side fx?) to maybe 10 people. i was underage at the time, but somehow managed to sneak in. i remember it as a great show, but i'm sure they were bummed. in fact, i remember seeing them again later that summer on the side stage at lollapalooza and a friend of mine went up to them after and told them she had seen them in kelowna, i think they said they hated that place. fair enough.
i remember ira kaplan going off on an acetone organ solo, headbanging on his knees. i had never seen anything like that before.
i have literally not heard one note off any yo la tengo album since electro-pura came out in 1995. painful is still a great album.
side efx (?) was a funny place, they had an actual fucking cage on the side of the stage for you to dance in if that was your thing. it was briefly a teen night club as well, no one over 18 allowed. how weird is that? let's get our moms to drop us off and just go and drink pop and listen to tupac. nowadays it would be a fucking bloodbath, i'm sure. those were simpler times. kelowna actually had a string of teen night clubs for a while, places with names like "heartbreakers" and "jailbait" (just kidding), it was a scene...

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side fx is correct