Thursday, June 24, 2010


i'm sorry, but i fucking hate it when people sit down on the floor at shows. it's not fucking story time at the public library. maybe if you're watching some quiet little mouse music (not that there's anything wrong with that), ok, but in the case of the above video it's fucking DANCE music. the feelies are basically a JAM BAND (just kidding?).
it's like a couple weeks ago i went to the new blim location in chinatown to watch NO KIDS and everyone was sitting quietly and politely in chairs or on the floor in a 10 foot radius in front of the band before they started. no big deal, right? so nick steps to the mic and tells everyone to feel free to stand up and come closer. myself and my good buddy "the boogieman" jordan daniel move up closer to watch the band (which is also dance music, b.t.w.) and after a few songs i feel a tap on my leg, i look down and some dude is like "um, do you guys mind sitting down?" and everyone is looking at us like we're transient thug rapists. seriously. we moved to the back and all, but as you can probably tell, we weren't stoked. i'm obviously still pretty bummed. fucking nerds.

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