Monday, December 14, 2009


how fucking cute is THAT shit?

just a reminder:
if you live in the toronto area, we will be out there playing a couple shows with canada's finest the constantines to celebrate their 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! can you believe that shit? 10 years and they're still talking to each other... and ROCKING with each other! anyway, those guys are some good shits. so, we'll be playing a "secret" show somewhere within the city limits of toronto on thursday night (the 17th) i have no idea where, then we'll be driving out to swinging london for a show at call the orifice on friday (always a great place to get yelled at by frat boys), before returning to toronto and playing the grand and storied halls of lee's palace on saturday evening. oh, did i mention that we'll ALSO be playing with canada's other songbird (other than anne murray, i mean) julie doiron? yup, boy howdy. obviously it's gonna be killer and you should come to one or all of the shows if just to say that you were there to witness a piece of canadian music history unfolding. or not. it's gonna rock whether you're there or not.

you'll have to excuse me, i'm at work and i have to go clean up human feces now.