Wednesday, December 30, 2009


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ramones- end of the century
fuck people that hate this record. what, you wanted them to just continue making the same record over and over again? well, actually i guess that's ok, too. sorry, nevermind. i think the pairing of the ramones with phil spector is genius. maybe it doesn't all work, but come on, the ramones ARE a bubblegum pop band. their version of "baby i love you" may just be better than the ronettes'.

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b.b. king- live at the regal
trust me, i never thought i'd be into b.b.king. this shit is strictly for dads. and then i listened to this record a few times. i guess it's just a symptom of being over thirty. it's THE TONE, man, THE TONE... also, you gotta love the audience going completely batshit the whole time.

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shotgun jimmie- still jimmie
yes, he's still jimmie and here's hoping he always will be. a modern canadian classic.

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todd rundgren- a wizard, a true star
equally annoying and amazing, this is truly one for the heads. just get baked, put on side one and let "international feel" melt your skull. then have a nervous breakdown, because this thing is all over the fucking map.

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the saints- (i'm) stranded
released in punk's year zero 1977, this album must have shredded people's faces off when they heard it. seemingly coming out of nowhere (a.k.a. brisbane, australia), the saints were louder, faster and rawer than the ramones or the sex pistols, but still managed to include a couple killer slow jams on their debut (you can't fuck with "messin' with the kid"). this record blows my mind every time i listen to it.

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the reigning sound- too much guitar
i know they released a new album this past year, but this is the one that really does it for me. don't get me wrong, i like they softer, gentler, more soulful greg cartwright, but i LOVE the louder, nastier, dirtier greg. the greg from the oblivians. too much guitar? never enough.

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japan- quiet life
i just checked out japan for the first time this year and soon became completely obsessed. i've always been a sucker for new romantic synth pop, but japan kind of stand apart from the rest of the pack. totally weird sounding. quiet life breaks from the glammy guitar-based bowie worship of their first couple albums (which are also good in their own way) and heads deep into icy synth territory. also david sylvian is hot.

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the seeds- s/t
perhaps the ultimate primitive snotty garage punk masterpiece. songs so stupid (and catchy) they're genius. and that voice, oh THAT VOICE...

more to come...


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Bunnies in Berlin said...

I agree with every album on this list

Anonymous said...

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