Tuesday, November 10, 2009


i'm in a total daze.
i blame the plump blueberry-sized ball of black east coast hash i procured from a devil named dave.
heavy weekend:
friday night biked through the monsoon to the eldorado to see needles & pins, was successfully vaccinated for beach-punk influenza. hangover. saturday drank with the toronto kid, saw his band $100 play at the bourbon to drunken jocks and birthday girls, was barcode scanned and fingerprinted on entry. hangover. sunday watched x-files, went to the ALF house (animal liberation front? the people alien?) saw the dire wolves, fear of tomorrow, jen "legs" jefferys (played one of my songs better than me) and $100 part deux. the basement floor made my feet numb. hashover.

i've been yelled at by paranoid schizophrenics all day. some days my job sucks.

then some guy on the internet called me a shitbag because i'm not a vegetarian. all i could say was sorry.

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