Monday, November 2, 2009


so, how was halloween?
there were actually a bunch of great shows going on this year including the mighty black mountain playing a rare local gig with the equally mighty bison (or bison b.c. if you wanna be a dick about it). but alas, i slept on that show and didn't even think about buying tickets in advance until the show was hopelessly sold out. i mean, i probably could have charmed my way in, but i prefer to use my powers for evil. i'm sure the show was totally bananas. i heard rumours of our label heads being there and for some reason the thought of bumping into them in a crowded bar in a state of drooling intoxication filled me with anxiety bordering on terror. i have all kinds of dumb issues. actually, i was so fucking hung over from the saviours/bogus tokus show* at antisocial the night before that it was physically impossible for me to even get droolingly intoxicated (believe me i tried).
anyway, instead i went and checked out my pals poco john and danny's nirvana tribute band fecal matter. i never got to see nirvana back in the day, they were supposed to headline lollapalooza in 94, but kurt felt that daily life with the pressures of global superstardom and a crippling heroin addiction was a bit too much for him. go figure. so watching a nirvana tribute band with a bass player dressed as ronald mcdonald in a basement space full of people going completely batshit was the next best thing. kurt would've been stoked. i even got to crowd surf.

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*saviours rip. all i can say about bogus tokus is that living here in vancouver in a post-s.t.r.e.e.t.s. world is hard, but bogus tokus is making it all just a little bit easier. thanks boys.

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