Thursday, May 14, 2009


i'm kind of drunk.
listening to bo diddley...
i was just hanging out with steve "baby eagle" lambke at the ol' anza club here in rainsville...
wednesday night "psych night", a.k.a. the only thing to do in nofuncouver.
baby eagle has a brand new split record with attack in black out on you've changed records, check it!
as well as shotgun jimmie's new record "still jimmie"...
good canadian music, fucking shit up!

anyway, the 1990's... those were the days, right?
i'm kind of still there...
all the good jams were recorded pre-1997.
like the two drop nineteens albums.

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i remember thinking the girl on the cover was really cute. now she looks 10.

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moguls. total ski-rock...

they were like an american version of a "shoegazer" band. i was completely obsessed with these guys in high school. check them out, they stand the test of time... to me.
what about the swirlies? remember them?

this is too hard to do drunk.
usually i'm just stoned...

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