Wednesday, June 11, 2008


i have had this song in my head for WEEKS.

yes my last entry was depressing.
things got dark. things would have gotten dark for me even if every show on that tour had been awesome. it was 6 weeks, which for me is a long time to be sitting in a van.
we had fun, don't think we didn't, but it all just starts to close in on you after a while.
whining and complaining about everything is just how i make sense of the world. that's just me.
but we made it. home again, home again jiggity-jig.
tomorrow we leave again for 3 and a half weeks and i'm actually looking forward to it. go figure.
anyway, i'm not throwing in the towel yet.
there will be another ladyhawk album, and it will probably suck just as hard as this one...BUT IN A DIFFERENT WAY! just kidding, it will suck in the same way.
one great thing about this last tour was getting to know NEVA DINOVA.
we did all six weeks with those lecherous nebraskan corn-guzzlers and they are truly great. jacob bellows writes songs that girls like and then bring their boyfriends to the show and then they like the songs too. beautiful songs. AND he's fucking funny. and tough. don't fuck with him.
or this kid. props to petey "kingpin" klein. one love.


gan ting mao said...

Sometimes you just got go through stuff to get past stuff. Give Tim a call fool!

Margo Lane said...

I think I've said this before but I'M REALLY OVER TOUR! I know I'm not the one that is touring but I miss you guys. And I'm not even a girlfriend. I don't know how Channy, Marcie and Lo do it! Sometimes I think it bothers me more than them. Pfft. Tour. Fuck. Well have fun sugar!

Unknown said...

Hey Duffy,

That kid Latarian is going to be on an upcoming episode of Judge Judy! The grandma is suing the mother for damages that the kid did to the car. I'll send you the youtube link if it ever happens!


Roachbeard said...

i wanna do some hood rat shit with YOU, ma wee doggie.