Wednesday, July 3, 2013


i'd like to thank jon-rae fletcher for getting this fucking song in my head.
thing is, i think i kiiiiiiiiiinda like it.
actually, i'm pretty sure i do...
a very positive and uplifting message for sure. one for the preteens that i assume this was originally marketed to. or was it? i can't tell. i guess this was actually a top 40 jam at the time in canada. like, on the radio. and in the... clubs? at girl guide camp?
which makes me feel strangely patriotic. i know i'm a few days late for canada day, but still. we've always been known as a very progressive nation.
anyway, easily one of the most amazing music videos of all time. did they film this in kelowna? in 2013? using a magic viewfinder that makes 12 year old boys irresistible to grown women? "here, homeless old man, have my magic viewfinder. watch some orange dudes with play-doh hair in life vests dance in the rain..."
a classic.

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