Saturday, January 26, 2013


i have been having the weirdest most vivid dreams lately. here's an example: i'm in a bathtub in a room with four or five other people in doctor/nurse-esque uniforms (the room has a somewhat hospital-like vibe), the people are turning on and off a series of knobs or taps on the walls of the room that control the flow of water and also make different tones. they are playing some sort of song with the water taps. i notice that in my hand is a small naked woman covered in soap suds, i'm holding her like a telephone and she's screaming something over and over in my ear. i wake up on my back feeling afraid. another: i'm at the wedding of a friend that's taking place somewhere like a summer camp with cabins in a forest. i have a beautiful dress that i've decided to wear to the wedding, feeling confident as a man that i can pull off wearing such a beautiful garment. at some point another friend alters the dress to fit me, but when i try it on it's become a two piece mini skirt with a halter top. i feel sad that the dress is ruined and mortified that i can never wear it without looking completely ridiculous. also, my hair is long in the dream and i keep trying to tuck it behind my ears. lot's of food related dreams as well, being in a restaurant where they refuse to take my order, wandering endless mall food courts looking at bizarre and impossible foods under heat lamps... all very freudian, i'm sure.

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