Friday, November 16, 2012


what is the deal with raccoons?
i'm familiar with the "devil may care" attitude of city raccoons and their complete lack of respect for the usual human being/wildlife code of conduct, but what's up with these country fuckers? did you know that raccoons all shit and piss in a communal "latrine"? that's what they're called, latrines. i googled this shit. there is a giant stinking pile of raccoon shit directly behind my house. there's even a small stack of raccoon-related trade journals beside the pile. maybe a little raccoon graffiti on the tree. what made them choose that particular spot? privacy? they just liked the vibe? did they have a meeting about it where they put it to a vote? they also like to hang out on my roof at night, just walking around, doing who the fuck knows what. weirdos.
and what are these dudes eating? seriously, it looks crazy back there.
anyway, seinfeld...

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