Monday, March 26, 2012


all raps should be performed shirtless while hanging upside down from trees.
i used to have this tape back in the day and this song will forever be associated with mowing my parents lawn and listening to my yellow sony sports walkman. fuck i used to hate mowing the lawn. my dad had an electric mower that you had to plug in using a series of extension cords. you had to be really careful not to run over the cord (which i did several times) while also being careful to not step in dog shit from the neighbor's dog (which i also did many times). there were also numerous hidden anthills that would erupt when i ran over them, sending streams of furious ants up my legs and over my entire body. the only thing that made the whole process even remotely bearable was blasting early 90's british rave shit (not that i had any real idea what raving was) and trying to drown out the relentless whine of that fucking lawn mower. oh the good ol' days...

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salmongang said...

c'est le rapper chic!