Wednesday, August 24, 2011


part one of an 11 part documentary about one of the funniest, most fucked up entertainers ever!
you gotta check the whole thing... seriously.
i remember when i was a kid i thought ozzy was the ultimate most evil dude out there. he was possessed by the devil and if you listened to his music you'd get possessed too and either kill yourself or your family or start doing crazy shit like drinking piss or biting the heads off live animals. stories of the kind of terrifying and disgusting things that happened at his concerts circulated through the schoolyard in frightened whispers. your buddy's older brother with the ozzy patch on his jean jacket might hear you and decide to sacrifice you to the gods of heavy metal. years later, after reading about his exploits from bands who toured with him in his heyday, i found out that all the terrifying and disgusting things i'd heard as a kid were all TRUE! and there was even MORE fucked up shit we never heard about! but instead of being evil incarnate, he was just FUCKING WASTED. and funny as hell...

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