Thursday, March 24, 2011


i had a dream the other night that i kept finding drugs on the ground. i was walking through a suburban neighborhood and happened to notice a BIG bag of white powder (like, a ZIPLOC bag) on the sidewalk, which i of course picked up and pocketed. then i found several smaller bags of various colored pills. in the dream i was super pumped about it and could hardly wait to get wherever i was going so i could do all the drugs i found. i think i got sidetracked by a random tent selling snacks of some kind. anyway, i woke up before i got the chance to sample anything. it had the same vibe as one of those weird/disturbing/exciting sexual dreams where you're with someone highly innapropriate that you know in real life. you know what i mean?
ya, you do.
i just wish i knew what that dream means...


Mu said...

In your dreams, everything is you. You are the drugs, you are the act of discovery, you are the snacks, you are the excitement, you are the street.

Dumpy Dumpleguts said...

wow, thanks! very interesting... i AM the drugs!