Friday, February 11, 2011


there's no trailer for this absolute gem/pile of shit on youtube, so here's a couple scenes featuring shawn levy who went on to direct several big budget hollywood family films. this film also features the "acting" talents of vancouver's own jon mikl thor (that's right, THOR!), who also did the music. and let's not forget an unforgettable performance by adam "uncle batman" west who can be seen actually reading from the script in a couple of his scenes. yes, this film was famously featured on mystery science theatre 3000, which should give you an idea of it's overall cinematic worth, but even without the aid of wisecracking robots there's plenty here to keep you entertained/laughing your ass off. funnier than most comedies and it (literally) wasn't even trying. filmed in montreal, watch for obvious french canadian clues, there's a drinking game here somewhere...

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