Tuesday, April 6, 2010


"vivid and in your prime, you will leave me behind, you will leave me behind..."

here's a brief update for anybody who may care.
so, new ladyhawk album? not anytime soon, i'm afraid. we're busy working on it, not that it's gonna be super epic or anything, we're not entombed in the studio agonizing over the reverb on a snare drum track. we're not talking about the next my bloody valentine album here. the truth is, i'm not particularly prolific, we are not the fastest moving band around and we actually have no money with which to do any recording at this point. but rest assured, we ARE working on it and i think it's gonna be good when it's finally finished... just in time for nobody to give half a shit about it. but that's life, right? anyway, in the meantime there's that amazing SPORTS album "drumheller" that came out a couple months back featuring our own ryan peters and darcy hancock (go to triple crown audio recordings of canada's webpage at crowncrowncrown.com for more info on how to get it). triple crown audio is also going to be releasing the new DUFFY & THE DOUBTERS album "scriptural supplies" in the next few months, we're just putting all the finishing pieces together and as moz says "these things take time". as for touring plans, we are playing a festival in wales this summer some time (it's on our myspace, i can't remember any details about it right now) and we'll probably try to play a few european shows around it to try and make it less financially devastating. we'll have to do some heavy fundraising before that so we can actually afford to fly to europe and that means playing some shows around here. you can probably expect us to be cruising around western canada in the early summer, but anything east of saskatoon isn't really realistic at this point. as for touring in america, i don't see us doing anything south of the border anytime soon. work permits for touring in the states are fucking expensive and seeing as we don't have a new album to promote, there's no way we would be able to do it. maybe we can do it again someday for the 15 people scattered across america that we love.
there are a few local shows coming up in the next little while:

-this friday, april 9th SPORTS is playing at the astoria with TAXES and CONGRESS (it's gonna be awesome and maybe the last time you'll ever get to see TAXES)

-saturday, april 17th we are playing record store day at red cat records at 3 or 3:30 in the afternoon, i forget.

-saturday, may 1st we are playing the emily carr grad show afterparty at the rickshaw with NEEDLES & PINS and MAKEOUT VIDEOTAPE. the emphasis will be on FUN!

other than that, who knows?
keep on crawlin'!


Anonymous said...

Denver will patiently be waiting for you...

R said...

As will I, here in Nashville. Thanks for the update!

Gabe said...

Don't forget this one man. Swooner.


Brandon Henderson said...

Just so you know, some do give more than half a shit. I look forward to the day I get to see your band play. Ladyhawk!

gan ting mao said...

I myself give a whole shit. http://www.factor.ca/

GF said...

Looking forward to a new release and tour, absolutely.

Birches said...

DD, I give a monster truck shit. In case you didn't know. And I hugely look forward to the Doubters album, no exaggeration. (PS: "UTCLAHMOG" still stands as my favourite CD-r album evs.)

BB in Montreal