Friday, August 7, 2009


as a great lover of food (no shit), especially seafood, i find it somewhat embarrassing that in my 31 years of eating i have yet to ingest a lobster. i did however recently eat a mclobster. for breakfast, immediately after barfing behind a dumpster. it was suprisingly not horrible.
we were just out in sackville, new brunswick (the home of canada's other songbird, julie doiron, as well as canada's songbeaver, shotgun jimmie) for the 4th annual sappyfest. it was basically canadian indie rock summer camp, but drunker. at least i was.
really? ladyhawk got drunk? that doesn't sound like them...
i can only partially blame the total abortion that was our set on the booze. i blame the rest on hash. oh well, it was fun. i guess you could call it a funbortion. and people seemed stoked, as stoked as you can be watching a fat, sweaty dude stumbling around a stage forgetting how to play the guitar. in any case, i was stoked. it's always kinda cool to look down after a song or two and see blood dripping off my finger. just like the good old days...

here's some of the shit that did it for me at sappyfest 2009:

-eric's trip. face-rippingly awesome. i don't feel so bummed anymore about missing their show in kelowna in 1993, because their set was basically a wormhole back in time to then. they seriously look and sound EXACTLY the same. only better(?).

-castlemusic. jennifer castle is easily one of the best songwriters around. weird guitar playing, beautiful singing. her newish baby is named sonny and he's maybe the coolest dude i met all weekend.

-b.a. johnston's chili dogs with peameal bacon. what's cooler than selling hot dogs outside of the show you're playing? why does peameal bacon only exist east of manitoba?

-woolly leaves. will kidman of the constantines doing his own fractured and fragile songs with awkward grace and car crash virtuosity.

-calvin johnson. it was really interesting to see calvin perform to 2 completely different crowds in the space of a couple weeks. when i saw him at what the heck fest in anacortes the crowd was dead silent, stroking their chins in respectful appreciation. at sappy, people were laughing their asses off. he's fucking funny! and that dude dances like a crazy person.

-destroyer. imagine sitting in a bar with jesus drinking whiskey, then walking with him to the church where he picks up his guitar and barfs all over the first 3 pews. only better.

-sunday night. it's almost a complete blank.
the guys from the constantines did a secret horsey craze set featuring us and members of $100. my only vague memory is making out with paul mortimer from $100 on stage.
that's love, baby.
apparently we played "come on baby let's go downtown" twice. talk about the ultimate self-indulgent champagne jam.
i have even foggier memories of a campfire. possibly barfing. all things considered, i think i kept it relatively tidy, i didn't have that feeling of lurking dread and unknown shame the next morning. pretty sure my clothes stayed on.

funnest. weekend. ever.


Susan M said...

Calvin Johnson is a complete spaz. Love him.

wade little said...

Wow. Totally wish I woulda made the trip east

R said...

Lobster in a McDonald's sounds more terrifying than anything George Romero could ever conceive of.