Tuesday, March 10, 2009


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many moons ago, when i was young and on my weed honeymoon, i came perhaps dangerously close to immersing myself fully in weed culture. maybe i shouldn't be admitting this, but fuck it, i used to buy high times magazines and listen to tool. for a brief period i was OBSESSED with tool. i got into them through an ex-girlfriend who wore patchouli. actually, tool was kind of my gateway to metal music in general, i never really listened to anything but indie rock and the odd neil young or steely dan record before i got into tool. but seriously, what the fuck is up with people who are into tool? they get REALLY into them and whisper reverently about how the drummer records inside a cabalistic rosicrucian aura generator and shit like that. it gets deep. aliens and free masons and shit. anyway, i still ain't hating tool. incidentally, the same ex-girlfrind's roommate is the one who got me into the grateful dead, an obsession that continues to this very day.
for anyone who hasn't thumbed through a high times in the 7-11, it's basically porn for stoners, complete with centerfolds and photo spreads. you can't help but look at that shit and say things like "ooooh i just wanna smoke you so hard..." and "i can almost smell that shit right there...". the centerfolds are even printed on glossy paper for easy clean up.

in more recent years, high times has added lots of photos of scantily clad girls smoking weed into the mix, because stoners are almost always dudes and why not kill two birds with one stone. lady stoners truly rule due to their relative rarity, like truffles. ever had a truffle? amazing...

i have never been anywhere near wanting dreads.

i do however LOVE reggae. all reggae.
do i sound like a hippy to you?
sometimes i like to get up at 7 in the morning, smoke weed and listen to 80's dancehall reggae. no hippy gets up at 7.



Sarah said...

get two birds stoned at once.

Anonymous said...

Thank you ;-) look at this emo boy hair over this blog: