Wednesday, July 2, 2008


baby eagle has a broken wing.

we are currently on tour with the best band in canada (formerly the hardest working band in canada) THE CONSTANTINES.
in the spirit of excess, we are doing it on a bus. that's right, a tour bus. pretty sweet. i am at this moment sitting on said bus in beautiful san francisco, basking in the recirculating odors of 10 grown men who haven't showered in a couple days. i call the flavor "dude gumbo". anyway, we started off our day yesterday (a day off) in mt. shasta at a local swimming hole, then big bry webb grilled us up a couple slabs of ribs while we drunkenly played an epic bocce ball tournament (tournament of farts. ha ha, get it? like their album, but... get it?). the evening ended with more drinking (surprise, surprise) and with me giving several home job tattoos. good times indeed.
the only bummer is that steve "baby eagle" lambke (featured above) broke his hand playing frisbee (seriously) in victoria the other day and has been hanging out there getting surgery. fucked up, right? this is why you should never do anything... anyway, he should be hooking back up with us in the next few days. godspeed, steve! feel free to send good vibes his way.
here's the new cons video:

as you can tell they're huge in canada...get it?


wade little said...

That's fucking brutal. Steve's a warrior though.

vinyljacket said...

Hey Duffy,

I was one of those one or two people who told you in those random places that I love your music. I don't think your album is shit, man. I'm 35 and and an old Pearl Jam fan. I think you guys would kick ass opening for them! Darcy said he didn't really like them, but didn't seem to know them well either. You? Anyway, hope you come back to Burlington again. If not I'll come to Montreal and see you on your side of the border. If you ever want to chat about depression, alcohol, and drugs I could relate some tales that might help.......take care of thyself. Jeff

Liam Colle said...

cons and ladyhawk. lethal combination. it was bound to end in injuries of some kind. too much awesome. get well soon steve.

ps. 'shots' just keeps getting better and better